Prueba de nivel

RLanguages analiza el nivel y las necesidades de sus alumnos antes de iniciar cualquier formación para poder ofrecer el curso que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades. El test de nivel es  escrito en forma de test y evalúa el conocimiento del alumno. El análisis de necesidades se realiza a través de una entrevista. Con esta información se crea un programa específico y personalizado para cada alumno o grupo.

¿Quieres saber cuál es tu nivel? Rellena el formulario y responde a las preguntas. El resultado será enviado por correo electrónico en la mayor brevedad posible. Recuerda que para hacer este test de nivel no necesitas más que tu conocimiento actual.

¿A qué estás esperando?

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¿Cómo has conocido RLanguages?

*Campos Obligatorios



1. I ________________ from Germany.

a) isb) arec) amd) be

2. This is my friend. _____________ name is John.

a) Herb) Ourc) Yoursd) His

3. Cristina speaks English ____________.

a) goodb) wellc) badd) wrong

4. Jake is ______________.

a) my sister’s friendb) friend my sisterc) friend from my sisterd) my sister friend’s

5. My brother is ______________ doctor.

a) theb) anc) ad) -

6. _______________ 20 books in the room.

a) This isb) There isc) They ared) There are

7. Mary ________________ horror films.

a) likes notb) don’t likec) doesn’t liked) isn’t likes

8. We had ________________ rain last night.

a) a lotb) lots ofc) a littled) a few

9. ________________ the newspaper.

a) I always readb) I read alwaysc)Always I readd) I always am reading

10. A: I love Thai food. B: ________________.

a) I do sob) So do Ic) So I dod) I so do

11. Try ________________ late.

a) to not beb) to be notc) don’t bed) not to be

12. __________________ a cup of tea? No, thank you.

a) Do you likeb) Would you likec) Want youd) Are you like

13. The garden is ___________________ than the house.

a) more bigb) more biggerc) biggestd) bigger

14. If you ___________________ me your email address, I’ll send you the document.

a) will giveb) givec) to gived) gave

15. There aren’t ________________ supermarkets opened late in the evening.

a) someb) anyc) nod) a

16. The library is _________________ to the restaurant.

a) oppositeb) nextc) behindd) in front

17. I’m going out ________________ some milk.

a) for getb) for to getc) for gettingd) to get

18. They _________________ to the school when it started to rain heavily.

a) walkedb) were walkingc) were walkd) are walking

19. ________________ seen a squirrel before?

a) Did you everb) Are you everc) Have you everd) Do you ever

20. They’ve been friends ____________________ many years.

a) sinceb) fromc) duringd) for

21. Jeff was ill last week and he _________________ go to her party.

a) needn'tb) can’tc) mustn’td) couldn’t

22. These are the photos ________________ I took in Italy.

a) whichb) whoc) whatd) where

23. I look forward ___________________ you soon.

a) seeingb) to seec) to seeingd) see

24. Mark plays chess ___________________ anyone else I know.

a) more good thanb) as better asc) best thand) better than

25. I promise I __________________ you as soon as I’ve finished this cleaning.

a) will helpb) am helpingc) going to helpd) have helped

26. This museum ___________________ by many tourists during the summer.

a) visitsb) visitedc) is visitingd) is visited

27. I’m going to the hairdresser’s _______________.

a) to get my hair cutb) to get cut my hairc) to cut my haird) to be cut the hair

28. Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the food market, please?

a) giveb) takec) telld) say

29. I wasn’t interested in the exhibition very much. ________________.

a) I didn’t, toob) Neither was Ic) Nor I didd) So I wasn’t

30. What I like more than anything else _______________ at weekends.

a) playing cricketb) to play cricketc) is playing criketd) is play criket

31. She ________________ for her bike for two days when she finally found it in the garage.

a) lookedb) had been lookedc) had been lookingd) were looking

32. I ___________________ call you last night, but I didn’t have your number.

a) didb) wouldc) would be going tod) was going to

33. This time next week, I ___________________ on a beach in Italy.

a) ‘m lyingb) ‘ll liec) ‘ll be lyingd) lie

34. A: What does this word mean? B: Look ____________ in the dictionary.

a) upb) it upc) up itd) it

35. She is in the same class ______________ you.

a) tob) likec) asd) same

36. Who ______________ this book?

a) gave youb) did you givec) did give youd) given you

37. I’d rather you ______________ in the house.

a) didn’t smokeb) not smokec) don’t smoked) not to smoke

38. Nobody rang me, ______________?

a) did anybodyb) did he or shec) did theyd) isn’t it

39. ______________ realised, I would’ve told you.

a) Had Ib) Would I havec) If I haved) If I would have

40. Peter went to the party last night ______________ feeling ill.

a) despiteb) althoughd) yetd) however



1. You may not like the rainy weather here, but you’ll have to ________________, I’m afraid.

a) tell it offb) sort itself outc) put up with itd) put it off

2. It’s cold so you should __________________ on a warm coat.

a) putb) wearc) dressd) take

3. Martin will look ______________ our cat while we’re on holiday.

a) atb) forc) intod) after

4. Hello, this is Sam. Could I ______________ to Sara, please?

a) sayb) tellc) calld) speak

5. Did you __________ photos on holiday?

a) makeb) doc) taked) -

6. They’re coming to our house___________ Sunday.

a) inb) atc) ond) with

7. I feel very ____________. I’m going to go to bed!

a) napb) asleepc) sleepyd) sleeper


8. My birthday is ____________ February.

9. What does Sophia’s new flatmate look ____________?

10. Did you ____________ your homework last night?

11. As ____________ as I’m concerned, there’s nothing bad in internet shopping.

12. I get on really ____________ with my colleagues.

13. We went to lots of places last night, but we ended ____________ in The Electric Bar.

14. The sea was very cold –in fact it was absolutely ____________.

15. The advantages far ____________ the disadvantages.

Well done! It wasn't easy.

We will e-mail you the results the sooner possible.
Thank you very much.

Autorizo el uso de mis datos personales con la finalidad de comunicarme el resultado de mi test de nivel y ofertas relacionadas con los servicios de RLanguages.

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